Adam Lund

Select work examples. Designed and engineered to perform.

MarketSmart Insights

High performance geospatial analytics

Communications Cloud, Visual Email Builder

Product Design, Usability Testing

Home Scouting Mobile Apps (iOS, Android)

Product Design, iOS and Android Apps

Space 150:

Information Architecture, UX Design

Field Nation Platform Components

Design Systems

GovDelivery Subscriber Overlay

Product Design, SaaS Platform

Home Scouting Real Estate Search Platform

Product Design, SaaS Platform

St Jude Medical: Digital and UX Design Examples

UX Design, Digital Design

SPARK Design System

Design System in Angular

GovDelivery Communications Cloud Redesigns

Product Design, SaaS Platform

Product Management and Roadmap

Feature mapping | Estimations | Market Readiness

US Bank: 2-Factor Authentication

Information Architecture

Granicus Design System

Design Systems

GovDelivery Learning Platform

UX Design, Wordpress / SaaS Platform

GovDelivery Communications Cloud Advanced Package

UX Design, Conceptual Flows

Public Web Site

Mobile Apps for Realtors and Lenders

Product Design, iOS and Android Apps

Emerson Process Management: Research studies, Personas, and Design

UX Research, Stakeholder Mapping, Personas