GovDelivery Communications Cloud Redesigns

Research, design, and front-end development for GovDelivery’s core product: Communications Cloud. Redesigned the content authoring environment, added new features including A/B testing and drip campaigns.

  • Role UX Designer, UX Researcher, Front-End Developer
  • Date 2013-2016
  • Type Product Design, SaaS Platform
  • URL
  • Technologies Ruby On Rails, ES5 (JavaScript), CSS3

Shortly after I started at GovDelivery Inc., it was clear the app needed improvements to look and feel to boost its appeal to end users. In 2014 I provided a cosmetic makeover to boost visual appeal and make calls-to-action easier to find. In 2016, once I had a team to help, we overhauled the UI in another redesign.

Based on research, the biggest challenge users had was originating content with the email editor. So we redesigned the email editor system to alleviate this customer pain point.